Dr. Megan CarrenoObstetrics & Gynecology

Preparing for Pregnancy

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Thinking of starting or adding to your family?
Start a prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid a day if you can 3 months before getting pregnant.
Make sure to get vaccines up to date before getting pregnant.
Try to get vegetables and fruit into your diet every day prior to and during pregnancy.
Start regular exercise prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy. During pregnancy, be able to at least take regular walks.
See a provider before pregnancy to review any regular medications you are taking to make sure they are safe in pregnancy or do you need to change them.
Try to stay social before and during pregnancy to help decrease risk for mental health issues during and after pregnancy. Look for groups that focus on things you like.
See a provider before pregnancy to look into your family tree for genetic issues that may affect a future pregnancy.
Stop all tobacco, alcohol and nonprescribed drugs before and during pregnancy for the best health.
If you have chronic medical problems, see your providers before getting pregnant to optimize your health for a future pregnancy!!
Check lifestyle for any environmental exposures that you will need to decrease or get rid of before pregnancy.