Dr. Radha IyengarBreast Surgery

How to manage a drain

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Normally when tissue is surgically removed, the void fills up with fluid.
Typically your body has been ability to absorb a certain amount of fluid on its own. If the cavity that has been created is very large, then the body cannot absorb all of this fluid. 
If the area of fluid is too large, it can become uncomfortable or can become infected.
A drain is a plastic tube that is placed within the cavity at the time of surgery. Drains allow fluid to drain and typically stay there for days to weeks or even months after surgery. 
Typically, removal of the drain is not painful and is done in the clinic. Drains are removed when the doctor feels that the amount of fluid draining is low enough that the body can absorb it.
It is important to keep a daily log of your drain output so that your doctor knows when it is safe to remove the drain.
Call your doctor if you think that the drain is not working properly Or if you have any other questions or concerns.