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Finding...Right Doctor | Right

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Finding the right doctor can be difficult. Insurance, location, and availability are not enough. Neither are online reviews. That’s because the right doctor possesses not just the right skills, but also the right outcomes and the right interpersonal skills...for you. 
But judging the expert skills of a physician is not easy for the rest of us. The best judge of a physician is ...other physicians. 
That’s what you see at — physicians rating other physicians. 
When it comes to finding online health information, there are a few websites to go to. But much of the health content is not created by experts in the related field. 
Want to know about cancer? It’s a frightening disease. It’s also a disease with many different type of specialized experts. Brest cancer, colon cancer, or brain cancer...each has a different type of expert. 
So your online health information should be by these experts. The right experts. Agordia enables any physician in any specialty to create their own online information. 
It’s all available for you to see at 
Not only is it free health information, it’s specifically made to be very easy to read and to share with your family, loved ones, and friends. 
It’s also health information created by doctors you can go see as a patient, should you have the need. 
If you are already a patient, it’s also an easy way for your physician to give you supporting health education related to your needs. 
Seeing a doctor’s ratings is simple. It’s on each doctor’s storefront and every doctor in America has their own storefront. 
Don’t see any ratings on your doctor? No problem, they just haven’t been rated yet. Simply tap on the “request” button located on their storefront. We will let the doctor know. Rest assured, your request is anonymous. 
At Agordia, we are making it easier and more powerful...for you to find the right doctor and the right online health information. We are patients and people, just like you.