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Essential baby list for travel

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The following is a list of items you may need when you travel with your baby. I used all of these things on my first trip.
Diapers- bring about 1.5x the number of diapers you would normally use. That way you have extra if needed. Consider buying overnight diapers for times when you may not have the ability to change the diaper every 2-3 hours. 
Wet wipes: bring a full container of these. These are not only good for diaper changes, but also for little messes that may occur.
Diaper rash cream: baby’s bottom can become extra sensitive during trips due to change of weather or food. 
Hand sanitizer: good for baby and for you when soap and water is not readily available.
Baby milk/formula/breast pump: bring 1.5 times the amount you think you’ll need. If you are still pumping, don’t forget to bring all the parts for the pump including extra milk containers. 
Baby snacks: ideally bring snacks that are not easily perishable. You can also bring a smaller cooler with an ice pack for fruit/food that needs to stay cold.
Extra outfit: make sure to take a change outfit wherever you go. In case, baby has an accident, you want to be able to provide a ch age of clothing.
Blanket: bring a baby blanket with you. Airports and planes can be very cold. 
Toys/games: bring your baby’s favorite toy/game for the plane. Ideally, this should not contain small pieces that could get lost on the plane. 
Empty grocery bags: bring a couple of these for poopy diapers or dirty clothes. 
Pacifier/candy: these are great for relieving ear pressure during takeoff and landing as long as the baby is constantly swallowing. 
Diaper changing pad: don’t rely on airports or planes to have a clean changing area. If you have a diaper pad then you can easily change your baby’s diaper anywhere.  
Sunscreen: if you are exposing your baby to the sun, this is an important thing for protecting their sensitive skin. 
Bottle brush: if your baby is still using the bottle then bring this unless you know the place you are visiting has one. 
Baby wash and towel: adult towels and soaps can be harsh on baby’s skin so bring your baby’s towel and soap. 
Crib/bassinet. If you are not coalescing is it’s your baby (baby sleeping in the bed with you) then don’t start when traveling. Bring a comfortable, portable, and safe separate option for your baby. 
Remember to make a list prior to travel. This will reduce the chance that you forget something important. But even if you do, there is always a store where you should be able to find something comparable.