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An Overview of Rhabdomyolysis

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Rhabdomyolysis occurs when there is damage to muscles causing the muscle to die and release its contents into the bloodstream.
This release of the contents of muscles cells into the body can cause serious damage. Myoglobin is one of the components which can permanently damage the kidneys.
Causes of rhabdomyolysis include anything that can damage muscle tissue. This includes excessive muscle use (training too hard), crush injuries,...
...seizures and the unintended consequences of excessive alcohol or drug use (passing out and causing pressure damage to muscles).
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Diagnosis is typically done by checking the CPK (creatinine phosphokinase) levels in the blood.
Treatment includes aggressive IV fluids to maintain kidney function to eliminate the toxins. Sometimes diuretics and sodium bicarbonate are given to help the kidneys.
In severe cases, dialysis may be needed if the kidneys are severely damaged.
Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to a full recovery. If you feel you have any symptoms of rhabdomyolysis such as muscle aches and tea colored urine after enduring muscle damage, please see a health professional immediately.