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Agordia has a Digital Health Platform In an app-website ecosystem

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The digital world creates information overload.
Getting to the right experts solves overload.
Physicians are experts.
Physicians are significantly undervalued.

Market: $132 Billion

1. Healthcare Analytics $16B
2. Healthcare Advertising $80B
3. Healthcare Artificial Intelligence $36B+

Product: Individual's Storefronts

Experts and Consumers in virtual networks for online presence, discovery, communication, and learning
Physicians receive recurring payments
Payments can be substantial


Current pre-growth share price $0.29, limited shares available
Potential growth forecasted share price > $50.00


ROI: Potential annual dividend payments to investors 1.5-2.5x at year 5 growth, 27-37x at year 8 growth
Potential stock liquidity at year 5-6 growth
We have an exclusive 15-year grant with potential 9 figure annual cash value

Pretty. Capable.

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Scheduling investor presentations.
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$10K minimum.


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