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Ready to take on the world, but now paralyzed... He is looking for the right doctor to help him. A doctor known to be proficient in a specific surgery. A doctor that can give him hope. A doctor that can give him healing.
It is a doctor that he can feel comfortable with and believe in. So, he goes to
In the search bar he enters the name of the specific surgery
And also selects his personal preferences in a physician
His results: 2 physicians
He clicks on each, sees each physician’s storefront and reads their reviews.  But these are not typical reviews.
It is reviews by other physicians, written by experts in their own fields. He reads the reviews on those doctors as well. It gives him trust.
Both of the physicians look great. But he wonders which one will best help him. He has so much at stake. He could go to each, but then what? How will he really know? He just wants to be healed. Why is this so hard?
He then sees something. It is THE PHYSICIAN'S CHOICE. It is the physician another doctor would go to for care, if it were for their loved ones.
It leaves him with a single result. It is the physician for him. With a deep breath and a hopeful smile, he makes his call...
Hope. Healing. Health. Care.


This is the story of me. I was attacked. I was paralyzed. It took years to overcome. For me, it was phone calls, interviews, scraping dollars to make interstate trips, and many dead ends. It was chasing down every word-of-mouth recommendation to find the doctor who could help me.


I found the right doctor. I found the right help.

But finding the right doctor should not have taken me years, it should have taken moments.

With Agordia, it can be just that…clicks

It will take time for more physicians to contribute their expert insights. But once it is done, it can be good for everyone.