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In Hope of Hope

A young man, after a brutal attack, is told he will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Desperate, even terrified, he looks for a strand of hope by looking for doctor who can help him. He does not know where to go. After 3 years and many doctors, he finds a brilliant surgeon who takes this case. The young man gains hope and ultimately physical success.


In Hope of Hope

The Results


US healthcare is inefficient and most expensive, costing more than what nearly every nation in the world makes in a year

Every physician goes through 10 or more years of training

The highest value for physicians is the physician-patient relationship

As a physician, one out of every five days is spent on documentation, that is 50 full workdays a year, every year. In that same time, the physician could see 250 more patients, attend 10 full day medical conferences, spend 2 weeks in advance training and another week giving charity care.

As a patient, this means that a 1st appointment with a new physician takes an average of 24 days, nationally. Depending on where the patient lives, the average can be as little as 8 days or as long as 100 days. However, each day spent is another day with pain, worry, or just giving up until the problem gets worse. Of course, this all assumes that patients are available when the doctor has an opening, but patients have their own schedules and their own employers.

Everyday patients see physicians, but how do they find them? Finding the right physician is a hodgepodge of “who takes my insurance” and what are the online reviews. But online reviews are fraught with problems. From the inability to validate the reviews come from a bona fide patient to lack of medical specificity, there is insufficient high-value information. Medical specificity is arguably the biggest…where just two bad reviews, out of thousands of patients seen by a single physician, can inaccurately sway a decision. What if the same physician happens to be in the top 1% of all physicians in the field for a specific operation? And if that operation was for removing cancer? Suddenly, the decisions can shift and be life altering.

The Treatment

Cumbersome and difficult healthcare: it’s like this for patients and it’s like this for physicians.

To improve this, there is no single solution. Universal healthcare? Nope. Interoperable health records? Nope.

Healthcare is a complicated space and requires several separate solutions which can collectively make a big impact.

Healthcare is complicated

Our Approach

At Agordia, we recognize the center of all healthcare is the provider and patient experience. So, that is our mission… To give physicians and patients more power to do the things they need to do and even what they wish they could do. We do this by building technology enabled solutions. Our 1 solution is for physicians using iPhones through the AgordiaMD app. Our 2 solution (coming soon) is for patients using iPhones through the Agordia app. The AgordiaMD app is designed to give time back to physicians by letting them do certain ordinarily encountered tasks faster, while ensuring regulatory compliance. The AgordiaMD app also creates a new way for physicians to interact: a way that is valuable for physicians and for patients. The Agordia app is designed to give patients a new class of information that will be very valuable when it comes to finding the right doctor: not just clinically but also non-clinically.

All of these are just the beginning as Agordia continues producing new things for providers and patients… And yes, even some new inventions.

Support us by becoming a customer. Grow with us as we bring you tools. Give us your patience and feedback and in return, we will give you our greatest efforts, capabilities, and innovations.

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After signing up I was surprised to find a written commendation from a referring physician. My Physician Storefront was already set up and ready to go for me!


Some of our Early Products

Physician Storefronts

Physician Storefronts, One Physician One Store

Physician Recognition

Physician Recognition, with Colleague Quality Measures


Universal Communicator, HIPAA Compliant


Physician Skills, Specialized Capabilities for Specific Problems Provided by A Particular Physician


Patient Storefronts, One Patient One Store with Anonymity


Universal Physician Directory with Fast Access and Fast Find, Optimized for Mobile with 1.2 Million Physician Storefronts

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One Physician, One Store Available now, AgordiaMD

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